Volunteering at the Jewish Home

The Jewish Home welcomes energetic, dedicated people who enjoy working with grateful seniors, and can commit to volunteering at least once a week.

Whatever your interests, skills or talents, the Home has meaningful ways to engage you. Our ever-expanding variety of rewarding volunteer opportunities includes being a resident companion, driver or mobility assistant, artist-in-residence, performing artist, administrative, event planning, or fundraising assistant, and many more.

Volunteering at the Jewish Home

Regardless of the amount of time you are able to donate, your caring and involvement are priceless to the community and to the Home's remarkable residents.

Hundreds of dedicated volunteers share more than 55,000 hours of their time each year with residents of the Jewish Home. These generous people make immeasurable contributions to the lives of others. With their many skills and talents, our volunteers help the Jewish Home care for our seniors as though they were our own mothers and fathers.


Meet Stacy Orbach, our Director of Volunteer Services

Stacy OrbachStacy Orbach, the Jewish Home's director of volunteer services, can recall her earliest volunteer experience. "My mother, Ethel, was very involved in the Los Angeles Jewish community," she says. "She was always helping with fundraising, rummage sales, and different events...reaching out to senior citizens and raising money to send to schools and orphanages in Israel," Orbach recalls. "And I was always there by her side to help her." Orbach credits her mother with instilling two important values in her: "to take care of those less fortunate and to respect my elders." These values have played a major role throughout Orbach's life.

Orbach brings to the Jewish Home her extensive experience as a dedicated and passionate Jewish communal professional. Her career of more than 20 years in the field of Jewish social services includes many leadership positions with Jewish community centers throughout Los Angeles.

Personally, Orbach has always found time to volunteer. "While working with the JCCs, I regularly helped with events and fundraisers," she says. "I also volunteer at Vista Del Mar, the first Jewish orphanage in Los Angeles." The organization now provides Orbach volunteers with the Vista Inspire program, which helps prepare autistic children to become bar or bat mitzvah. She is also a trained Skirball Hospice volunteer, a meaningful commitment she continues to honor.

"A couple of years ago, I found myself in transition," Orbach recalls. Wanting to give back more to the community, she decided to look into other volunteer opportunities. "The first call I made was to the Jewish Home." What started off as one day each week evolved into four, and has now come to fruition as full-time employment. "Volunteering at the Home and with Skirball Hospice has been a life-changing experience for me," she says. "As an employee, I am blessed to come to work every day in a place where I'm unconditionally loved by 950 bubbes and zaydes!"

At the Home, Orbach finds that people come to volunteer for a variety of reasons. "The basic reason is the desire to give back to the community," says Orbach. "For many of the Home's volunteers, there's a personal reason as well. Many have a special connection - a grandparent, parent, aunt, or uncle once lived here and loved the Home. They felt the love, warmth, and care that was given to their family member and they want to give back. Some begin volunteering after their loved one passes away so they can stay connected."

For the Home's residents, volunteers are extremely important. "Our residents look forward to seeing the volunteers, especially if they're matched up one-on-one," says Orbach. "The volunteer often becomes like family to them, and the feeling is mutual. They understand and appreciate all that volunteers do for the Home."

The Home is fortunate to have 350-400 volunteers participating throughout the year, with about 25 of those volunteers being residents. "Our residents are a tremendous help," Orbach says. "They take potential residents and families on tours of the Home, work in the volunteer office, or staff the nosh box, post office, and gift shop. They are wonderful!"

"If you're intersted in volunteering, please consider donating your time and talents to the Jewish Home," she says. "The Home is a wonderful place with a unique environment. It's a true community where people care about each other on every level, and you can see and feel it. Giving back to the community is transformative. You can only understand that by volunteering...so give it a try!"

For more information on volunteer opportunities at the Jewish Home, please contact Stacy Orbach at (818) 757-4442 or stacy.orbach@jha.org, or visit our http://www.jha.org/volunteer/.