A Message from Our CEO-President,
Molly Forrest

Dear Cherished Team Member,

As providers of care and services for seniors at the Jewish Home, we all seek to improve life and wellness for others on a daily basis.

But we can, and should, also take a page from this lesson book to make the most of our own and our family members’ lives through the kinds of healthy living the Jewish Home advocates.

This can include eating right and monitoring our weight, reducing stress, smoking cessation, and starting a personal fitness program that includes regular aerobic exercise.

As soon as it becomes a regular habit and then a lifestyle, healthy living has tremendous benefits, improving everything from our cardiovascular fitness to one’s outlook on life.

Health and fitness activities, whether it is taking a brisk walk with a friend or meeting for an aerobics class, can also be a positive way to socialize and share our lives with others. And, by “practicing what we preach,” we also set a wonderful example for the people whose lives are in our caring hands.

Contact Ana.Haro@jha.org in Human Resources to learn more about how the Home can help you improve your own personal health and wellness profile.

With best wishes,

Molly Forrest